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Describe the age/ stage you enjoyed most in your life

Describe the age/ stage you enjoyed most in your life

You should say:

  • What the age/ stage was
  • What did you like to do back then
  • Who you enjoyed spending time with mostly back then

and explain why this was the best age/ stage in your life

Sample Answer:

Life is a great journey and in different stages of our life, we have different priorities, activities, responsibilities and interests. However, I believe childhood is a magical period in our life and most of the people would agree with it

My childhood is the best phase of my life and I had an excellent and memorable childhood. I lived with my parents in a suburban area where I had many friends and neighbouring kids with whom I loved to spend time with. We had a team of 6-7 children and our days were full of joyfulness and excitement

We used to play indoor games, make our own rules in a game, run beside the green paddy fields without any reason, swim in the river, sometimes quarrel and finally play football in the evening. There was no particular rule or obligation- we did whatever we liked to do as long it was safe and healthy. Our parents used to disrupt our activities only when we started doing something harmful or risky. Apart from that, we were allowed to play the way we wanted

I loved to collect stamps in my childhood and I spent a considerable amount of time with other kids who had this hobby. I also liked to swim in the river and I was a great swimmer at that time. I could easily defeat other kids of my age in swimming competitions. I liked to go to new places with my friends and that was quite exhilarating in my childhood

‘Why this was the best stage in my life?’ Well, those are the golden days of my life. I believe others would agree that our childhood had a different charisma and we miss it a lot at our later stages. I had plenty of scopes to enjoy the days and had the opportunity to get involved in many electrifying activities that made my days happier. I had no tension, did not have to take responsibilities that were harder to bear or go through any complexities of life. It was simple, full of ecstasy and thrill and I had many friends and loving parents to share my happiness with.

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