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Describe the happiest person you know

Describe the happiest person you know

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How you know this person
  • How he shows happiness

and explain why you consider him/ her to be the happiest person you know

Sample Answer:

Happiness is hard to define and so does the happiest man. Sometimes the people we think are very happy confess that they have great sufferings and sorrows in their lives. However, if we spend a great deal of time with someone and if we can observe him/ her closely, then we can make a very good assumption of his characteristics and his ideas

I would pick my friend (…say a name of your friend…) to be the happiest person I have ever met or seen. He is my friend from the early childhood and in my opinion he knows the value of being happy and no matter what happens, he is contented and that makes him happy.

I first met him in my high school and we both of us used to do debate together. Thus the closeness and friendship grew between us and later on our friendship grew even further when we got admitted to the same university

He has a positive attitude and he is very contented with whatever he has. That’s attitude and positive thinking makes him happy. He does not repent for thinks undone or bad things that happened to him. I heard him saying that life is hard and you can be happy if you are happy in your mind. That’s something I agree and I have found him to be happy in his mind even from the worst experience

He always smiles and never regrets the things undone like others. He feels that happiness is inside us and our positive attitude can make us happy. He has a positive attitude of removing the negativity of life. He loves to enjoy the fuller possibility of life and he has a charismatic character to make his friends happy

For the positive and satisfied mentality he possesses and the happy behaviours he shows always make me consider him to be the happiest person I have ever known.

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