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Describe your favourite flower

Describe your favourite flower

You should say:

  • What it is
  • Where it is grown
  • If it is common in your country

and explain why it is your favourite flower

Sample Answer:

It is hard to find a man who does not love flowers. Everyone loves it for different reasons. I also love flowers and prefer sunflower most than the other flowers for some specific grounds. This is the flower that is highly beneficial for the humans and sunflower is my favourite flower

Flowers have a special attraction to the humans. They are used to serve several other purposes as well. It is a kind of symbol of love, peace and happiness. So, people are attracted to flowers. They love to have flowers on different occasions. I am not an exception in this case but my preference is a bit dissimilar from many others, even my family members. Most of the people are fond of rose which is considered as the queen of flowers. But I like sunflower the most. This is a special flower for me and casts a different charm to the people. This is a photogenic flower and looks beautiful when blooms. The flowers are of different size and shapes and the naming as ‘Sunflower’ might have been done so as they face to the sun when bloomed

The flower is grown around the world but France produces a large part of the global share. The flower was brought into the country and in the European continent by the Spaniards during the 16th century. They used to sunflower oil for cooking. Initially, the flowers were found in wild state and after a few centuries, the importance of the flower appeared. Then commercial production for the flower began in France. Now sunflower is one of the most important agricultural crops of France. The sunflower seeds are used for a wide number of purposes. Usually, the sunflowers grow over 10 feet in height and summer is the best time for the bloom. So, when the flower is grown commercially, the growers harvest the flowers by July each year. The vast fields look gorgeous with the bloomed sunflowers but the scene lasts for a short time. Such scenarios are now places in view cards. Mostly the village areas are used for massive sunflower production in France

Sunflower is one of the major products of France and mostly the seeds are used to manufacture cooking oils. The sunflower oils are healthy and free of the other toxic issues that may cause physical disorder after consumption. Moreover, the seeds are also used for beauty products and cosmetic. The flower sticks look stunning when they are installed in or out of any house. Thereby, some people grow sunflower plants on their lawn or small garden beside or before the house. Sunflower oil is widely used here for its easy digestion feature and other health benefits like improving the brain, removing physical disability or preventing cardiovascular diseases. Besides, the sunflower seeds are enriched with vitamin E which is essential for our daily needs. The use has become too common in France that the sunflower and its products are found almost everywhere across the country

I firmly believe that I am a bit different from the ordinary people and my choices are not similar to the choice of others. Most of the people like to prefer some regular flowers but in this case, my choice is completely different. I love sunflower while many of the people will consider the flower as a commercial product for its random commercial use. The fully grown flowers face to the sun and swings in the air and this is adorable to look at. I also like the flower for its numerous benefits. Most of the other flowers do not have any usefulness except being used for decorations but sunflower is opposite to them. I like to think practically and do all the things which are beneficial for me. So, in preferring my favourite flower, I will pick the one which will be advantageous for me. Sunflower owns all the features I admire and find useful.

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