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Describe your favourite shopping mall A shopping mall you often visit

IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Describe your favourite shopping mall A shopping mall you often visit

You should say:

  • where it is
  • how often do you go there and what do you buy from there
  • what types of people usually go there
  • and explain why you like it
  • Sample Answer:

I am from Ho Chi Minh City and I like the Diamond Plaza shopping mall that I often visit. It is best known as the Diamond Plaza and is situated at 34 Le Duan Street, near the Notre Dame Cathedral. I visit this shopping mall almost twice in a month and sometimes more frequent than that

People from nearby places and from the city are the most frequent visitors but it’s not uncommon that tourists and shoppers from other cities come and shop from this shopping mall. This shopping centre includes a 22 story building plus an adjacent 15 story building and offers a great shopping experience including restaurants, cafe, hospital, lounges, Cinema Theater. There is a helicopter pad on the roof of this mall and offers many other facilities

The Diamond Plaza shopping mall hosts many renowned brands and offers distinctive shopping experience. You can find almost everything you need to shop from here. Many fashion fans find it as their prime place for shopping and the shopping environment is unmatched. One does not need to be rich to come and shop here as the goods offered suits the people from economic status

The food court is something you would love about this shopping mall. There are more than hundreds of food shops that you can pick from and the gaming zone attracts mostly the game lovers and teenagers. The movie theatre of the Diamond Plaza is called Lotte Cinema and is on the 13th floor. With the most modern facility and the safe environment, this is an ideal shopping centre for all types of shoppers

I like this shopping mall mostly because of the quality products and good price offering. Apart from that the security, customer service and nice environment also attract me. Another reason that affects my shopping decision from this shopping mall is its distance from my living place. It takes only 15 minutes to reach there and this is one of the reasons I mostly decide to shop there.
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