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Due to the development of the internet, public libraries are no longer necessary

Due to the development of the internet, public libraries are no longer necessary

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer

Public libraries have become less and less vital for the common citizen as the Internet started to rise. Some people believe that they are not useful anymore. I personally believe that public libraries are still serving as an important part of the community in every town and city that has the fortune to have them because they are a nice place for holding specific events or just to look for some silence to study.

Firstly, there is the need to say that they are still being used by a lot of students, readers and many others as a place to reflect and study, even if they are not actually consulting physical books. For example, they often provide Internet access or even desktop PCs, that are used to learn new things by accessing online encyclopedias or the public library archive. Usually, these kinds of users don’t have a quiet room at home or Internet access. Therefore, if they would really disappear, they will lose the ability to concentrate in a safe place.

Moreover, if these extremely important services would get closed, there won’t be any dedicated space for specific events. For instance, most of the time writers present their new books in libraries, which might be public, and there are even other artists such as musicians or singers that often present their creations in these spaces. It is really clear at this point the essential job that these places have while acting as locations for artists to present their work.

To conclude, I firmly disagree with the fact that these locations are no longer necessary, they are in fact and they will be used for other different purposes, which will be slightly far from the original one, but still really important.

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