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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Housework

Speaking Part 1

1. Do you do housework at home?

Yes, I do! Even though I could afford domestic help, I prefer to do it on my own. I live by myself in a small, studio apartment so it’s easy enough. Actually, I find housework to be relaxing. When I feel stressed, I like the mindless activity (something which doesn’t require hard thinking) of scrubbing the shower, floors, and kitchen cabinets. I really hate sweeping though! I always miss too many spots.

2. What housework do you usually do?

All of them! I do dishes, dusting, sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom. I usually do a deep clean every two weeks, but keep tidying up during the week. I have a pet peeve (something that really bothers you) of having a clean bathroom, so I generally do that about once a week.

3. Do you like doing housework?

I like most chores. I’m a neat freak, and I just love seeing my entire house spic and span. The feeling of a clean home makes all that hardwork super satisfying!

4. Did you do housework when you were a child?

Yes, my parents enforced this. They had a rotation chore assignment chart for the 4 of us children every week. We would earn $5 a week for completing them. If we acted up (misbehave), extra chores would be put on (assigned to) us. If we had a special accomplishment, like straight A’s, we would be off chores for a week.

5. Do you think that children should do housework?

Absolutely! Even if the parents could hire help instead, it teaches children a sense of responsibility and skill. Also, it helps them to not be spoiled ( a person who has too much). When they learn these skills at a young age, they can carry it into their adulthood and be better homemakers.

6. Do you think that men and women should share housework?

Without a doubt! I don’t believe in these gender stereotypes of only women doing housework. I believe it is the responsibility of both people. Moreover, when they share the responsibilities, it takes the pressure off both of them. However, if one spouse is working all day and the other is at home, I think the one at home should cover the housework.

7. What kind of housework do you dislike doing?

I despise sweeping! Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a poor eye (cannot see well)  for the dirt on the floor. I always tend to miss spots, then later when I mop, it makes a mess! Actually, at my first job in a restaurant, I was banned from sweeping because I did such a poor job!


  • Pet peeve: something that really bothers you
    Eg: She is pet peeve about her mother’s health.
  • Acted up: misbehave
    Eg: He acted up with the shopkeeper.
  • Put on: assigned to
    Eg: The faculty has put on all the projects to Sarah.
  • Spoiled:  a person who has too much
    Eg: Rita is a spoiled kid
  • Poor eye: cannot see well
    Eg: The housekeeper is having a poor eye to the cobwebs on the ceiling.

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