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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Morning Routine

Speaking Part 1

1. Do you usually do the same things every morning?

As I’m a creature of habit, I would say yes. I always get up at 6:00 am, have noodles and tea for breakfast, brush my teeth, then brush up (quickly study) on what we learned the day before in class to make sure I’m well-prepared. After all of this, I leave for class at 8:30am. However, on weekends, I tend to hit the snooze button and end up sleeping till 9:00am then start my day.

2. Do you think breakfast is important?

Absolutely. Many experts state that it is the most important meal of the day. I believe it gives me the fuel I need to tackle my day (to strongly take on the day). Moreover, I think it’s critical to have a balanced breakfast to make sure I get all the proper nutrients.  I cannot imagine starting my day on an empty stomach!

3. Did you have the same morning routine at an early age?

Yes, pretty much! As I’ve always been a scholarly person, I’ve always had the motivation to get myself up earlier than expected to have a balanced breakfast and prepare myself for the day ahead of me. However, I used to have more of a sweet tooth (a person who lives sweets) as a child, so I used to munch on (eat) some sweet bread instead of noodles.

4. Do you want to change your daily routine in the future?

I think it’s inevitable since I’ll soon be joining the workforce! I want to keep my organized, prepared habits, but I hope to sleep in a bit more in the future. I would like to at least sleep 30 minutes to an hour later, and not have to spend as much time preparing for my day. Furthermore, I hope to have my own car instead of taking a Grab every morning.


  • brush up: quickly study
    Eg: I brushed up on the basics
  • tackle my day: to strongly take on the day
    Eg: One should know how to tackle difficulties
  • sweet tooth: a person who lives sweets
    Eg: I have a sweet tooth.
  • munch on: eat
    Eg: She is munching on some chips

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