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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Sound/Noise

Speaking Part 1

1. What natural sound(s) do you like (the most)? (Why?)

Hmm, that’s an interesting question. Well, I’m quite the morning person, and I find almost nothing more relaxing than the sound of birds chirping (the noise birds make) in the morning. I find that sound to be so fresh and innocent, which immediately starts my day off at ease. Even though I live in a big city now, it takes me back  to my childhood in the countryside.

2. What sounds remind you of your childhood?

I would say the sound of 90’s pop music. As my family was really into music, we would always take a spin around my country town with 90’s pop blaring (playing at a high volume), such as Britney Spears, Counting Crows, Nsync, etc. Although this music may have not been my parents’ preference, they would always play it for my sister and I. We have many family memories singing along to these catchy (a song that you remember) hits.  Because of this, I would say these tunes are the soundtrack (the songs of a movie) of my childhood.

3. What sounds do you dislike? (Why?)

As the library strictly enforces (makes you follow the laws strictly) the silence policy in the library of my university, this opens up a quiet, tranquil place for students to study in peace. Although she can be a pain (annoying) at times, I appreciate that the librarian, Ms. Schauerman, takes her duties quite seriously. If someone speaks, she will abruptly come over and say “shhh! This is a library!” in a stern (sharp and serious) voice. Furthermore, the library is arranged with beanbags, desks, a computer lab, and conference-like desks, which makes it a comfortable place to get work done.

5. What (kinds of) music do you like the most?

Well, that’s a tough question because I’m a fan (I really like) of  various kinds of music, but I’d have to go with (decide) 90’s music. I think I mostly prefer this kind of music because it’s quite nostalgic (making you miss the past) for me, as I’m a 90’s baby (someone born in the 1990’s). Of this decade (10 years) of music, I prefer the pop, alternative, and punk rock. I believe I’m most fond of (really like) this era (point in time) because of the light-hearted (not deep or sad meaning), easy-listening way of this music.

6. What are some places where there is a lot of noise?

As I’m from a bustling (busy) city, it’s nearly impossible to escape the noise. Sounds from street sellers, honking horns, motorbikes, barking dogs, and construction sites fill the streets nearly 24 hours a day. I’d have to say that the noisiest part of the city is the old town, as there is a higher concentration (high numbers in one area) of street sellers there, more new construction projects, as well as more traffic passing through, as it’s the liveliest part of the city.

7. What type of noise do you come across in your daily life?

Well, quite a cacophony (a mix of sounds)! It varies from the sound of screaming matches (fights) from the  partners and families in my apartment, street sellers shouting out their product for all to hear, motorbikes speeding by,  all the way to the sound of blaring horns. I would say the sound that defines my city most would be the sound of horns. As it has major traffic issues and non-defined lanes on the roads, it makes sense that the sound of horns would fill the streets.

8. Do you mind noises? (Do any noises bother you?)

As I’m quite a light sleeper (wake up easily), I become quite irritated by the sounds of noises around me. I’d have to say the most aggravating (annoying) is the sound of a barking dog. It’s just so shrill (something that gets in your head) ! I find it very disturbing and almost impossible to focus on anything else. Moreover, it makes me sad to hear that a dog is in such a state of distress that they must bark like that.


  • Chirping: the noise birds make
    Eg: The birds are chirping since morning
  • Blaring: playing at a high volume
    Eg: The sound boxes at the pandal are blaring
  • Catchy: a song that you remember
    Eg: The song she sang at the concert was catchy
  • Soundtrack: the songs of a movie
    Eg: The soundtracks of Frozen are really good
  • pet peeve: something that annoys you
    Eg: Her smoking habits are pet peeving.
  • Abrupt: unexpected
    Eg: The concept was abrupt.
  • Unbearable: impossible to put up with
    Eg: The Sun is unbearable today
  • strictly enforces: makes you follow the laws strictly
    Eg: The government strictly enforces you to follow the norms
  • a pain: annoying
    Eg: My sister is a pain.
  • Stern: sharp and serious
    Eg: My brother is very stern and focused
  • I’m a fan: I really like
    Eg: I am a fan of Messi
  • go with: decide
    Eg: I prefer going with the flow
  • Nostalgic: making you miss the past
    Eg: The pictures are very nostalgic
  • I’m a 90’s baby: someone born in the 1990’s
    Eg: My uncle’s daughter is a 90’s baby
  • Decade: 10 years
    Eg: She has a decade old purse
  • fond of (really like) this era: point in time
    Eg: My uncle is very fond of movies in this era
  • Light-hearted: not deep or sad meaning
    Eg: My grandmother is very light-hearted
  • Bustling: busy
    Eg: The city is bustling with activity
  • higher concentration: high numbers in one area
    Eg: The bamboo trees are highly concentrated near the river side
  • Cacophony: a mix of sounds
    Eg: The cacophony of sounds are mesmerizing
  • screaming matches: fights
    Eg: There’s a screaming match in our locality 
  • light sleeper: wake up easily
    Eg: My mother is a light sleeper
  • Aggravating: annoying
    Eg: My brother is busy with his aggravating assignments
  • Shrill: something that gets in your head
    Eg: I heard a shrill.

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