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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Street Markets

Street markets are really interesting in any country you go to. With a variety of goods and different kinds of local as well as international cuisines, they have a charm of their own. Therefore, in this cue card, you get an opportunity to share your experience of a street market you have been to. Try practising for IELTS Speaking with the Part 1 questions given below.

Speaking Part 1

1. Are there many street markets in your country?

Absolutely! Street food and markets are a huge part of my culture.  Many, no matter rich or poor, go to the streets in the morning to pick up the freshest produce from the street vendors. The thing is that the street produce is the best quality and price! You simply cannot find fish or crabs straight out of (directly)the water onto your plate in a supermarket.

2. Do you like going to street markets?

I love it! I love the whole experience of seeing people selling their products, as well as I believe that the freshest produce comes from there. I would much rather go to a street market than a large name brand supermarket, where the produce is treated with pesticides and other chemicals to keep it from perishing.

3. What do street markets sell?

I’d say the most common items are fresh fruits and vegetables, maybe even meats or fish as well. However, the farmer’s markets in my town tend to only sell fruits, vegetables, and local products such as honey from their bee farming.

4. Do you think people like street markets?

Definitely. No matter what your economic status (how much money you have) is, there is always something for you. Moreover, our street markets are famed for freshness and quality at the lowest prices, so why would dislike that? On the other hand, some people fear being ripped off (being charged a higher price), so they avoid the street markets.

5. What is the difference between street markets and supermarkets?

Street markets have fresher products and usually involve local people or farmers coming to sell their products, whereas supermarkets sell more commercialized products. Although street market food may be tasty and fresh, supermarket food can be safer since they have tighter restrictions from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


  • straight out of: directly
    Eg: Cornflakes are made straight out of corns
  • Produce: To manufacture
    Eg: Bee produces honey
  • Perishing: used for emphasis or to express annoyance
    Eg: That item is perishing.
  • economic status: how much money you have
    Eg: Her economic status is unstable
  • being ripped off: being charged a higher price
    Eg: I am being ripped off for this blanket
  • FDA: Food and Drug Administration
    Eg: The FDA enforced strict rules on the percentage of preservatives to be added.

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