IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic : Weather / Climate


IELTS Speaking Part 1

Topic : Weather / Climate 

In this post, we would like to put an emphasis on IELTS Speaking Part 1 topic Weather / Climate.

1. Do you like sunny days?

I definitely love sunny days,  I can hang out with friends or do some sports. It is even better with the winds blowing. Sunny days are somehow helpful for laundry as well as cleaning both inside and outside the house.

2. What do you like to do when it’s a sunny day?

I’d love to participate in some outdoor activities under the sun like meeting up with some friends or do some sports, especially swimming. Or I’ll grab the chance for a photography tour. Everything becomes so clear and stunning on sunny days, no matter whether it’s early in the morning or late in the afternoon, as long as the sun shines, I’m sure I’ll find inspiration almost everywhere.

3. Would you like to stay at home or go outside when the weather is great?

I think I would say it depends on my mood and my workload. I definitely cannot go out and enjoy myself if my work schedule is still a mess, even though it is a nice weather and unless I feel super energetic and motivated. I think most of the time I’d prefer staying inside, no matter how the sun shines or how cool the weather is.

4. Are there many sunny days in your hometown?

It is a modern big city so unless it’s our rainy season, otherwise the sun would shine most of the time, either during the day or the whole year. Sometimes the temperature rises so high that it feels like burning, that’s when people prefer staying indoors enjoying the cool air produced by air conditioners.

5. Does it rain much in your country? Where? When?

I would say yes. It rains a lot in the summer when tropical storms strike our country. There is torrential rain in the region in June, July and August, and the rainfall tends to be higher in the North than in the South.

6. Is there any part of your country where it doesn’t rain much?

To tell you the truth, I have no clue about this. I do not give a hoot about geography and the amount of rain in my country. I think the most rainfall is in the North where there is an intricate system of rivers.

7. Does it rain a lot in your hometown?

Well, it depends on the season. In winter and spring, there is a dearth of rain associated with the arid weather. In contrast, it is usually raining cats and dogs in summer and august, causing loads of troubles for people travelling on the road.

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