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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Law

IELTS Speaking Part 3

Topic : Law

In this post, we would like to put an emphasis on IELTS Speaking Part 3 topic: Law

1. Is there any situation people disobey the law?

To be honest, I’ve never actually seen anyone litter. I’m sure it must still exist to some low extent, but I genuinely think people are afraid to do so because of the fines and police presence. However, I know that no country is perfect and that there are always people who will disobey the law. On another note, I think that perhaps people who come to Singapore are more likely to throw their trash on the ground if it isn’t something enforced in their home country.

2. Do people like being a policeman in your country?

I would say so. Actually, my father is a police officer and he seems to enjoy it quite a bit, although it is a tough job. Since Singapore has a reputation to maintain, the police force strives their utmost (works extremely hard) to give their all to make sure that Singapore remains among the safest countries. With this said, some police officers feel quite a lot of pressure, which makes it a challenging yet rewarding job.

3. What qualities should a police officer have?

Firstly, I believe that a police officer must have a high sense of integrity. As corruption is a problem in many countries which prevents progress in a place, it is important that the police officer has a sense of integrity along with morality, honesty, and a genuine concern to make the country safer. Furthermore, they must be hard-working and not too relaxed as there are always people trying to slip through the cracks (do something without being caught) of the law. All in all, they must be a strict, no tolerance sort of individual to be efficient.

4. Why some people want to become a lawyer?

To be honest, I think some people choose it for the money, as it is a high paid job in many countries. Secondly, some people feel quite passionate about the law and want to dedicate their life to it. Thirdly, there are many different branches of law, such as international, geriatric, criminal, etc., so there are many different opportunities within this career path. As with other jobs, people know in their heart which career is for them!

Vocabulary for Speaking part 3

  • strives their utmost: works extremely hard
    Ex: Every company strives their utmost to become successful.
  • slip through the cracks: do something without being caught
    Ex: The mistakes of the leader slipped through the crack because of his charming personality.

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