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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Topic Education

The topic Education often appears in IELTS Speaking Part 3. Here are sample answers to this topic.

1. Do you like the education system of your country?
Yes, I feel that education system of my country covers almost all the basis but there is one area where we can improve a lot and that is curriculum.The syllabus is very old and needs an immediate change. Most of the students are learning certain things that are out of date and some are learning the things that are not that practical.

2. What changes do you want to make in the education system of your

I would like to make a couple of changes to the system. The first one is that I want to make the education more practical rather than cramming hundreds of theory books. The second change will be in the curriculum. It needs to be more diverse and should develop a student holistically.

3. How many hours a student should read books apart from his studies?
I think it is unfair to them. They are under a burden of so many books already. But reading is a great habit. If students can take out some time to read about great leaders or personalities, then I think it is a good idea. In my opinion, students should spend around 3 hours a week on reading material apart from the curriculum.

4. Which was your favourite subject in school time?

My favourite subject was science. I liked the diversity in subjects and how the subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology were so different from one another yet so same. I used to be so active during my science class as we would learn new things every day.

5. Any subject that you didn’t like?
I never liked mathematics. I used to get confused when I saw all the questions and calculations. That was the subject that I never understood completely and never scored well. I got a lot of headaches while solving the problems in math’s.

6. Which type of education is better, distance learning or regular schooling?
In my opinion, both types of education have their advantages. If a person is in a job or a business, then distance education is the best solution for them. But if the student has ample time to study then he or she should go for the regular education.

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