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Describe an exciting experience in your life

Describe an exciting experience in your life

You should say:

  • What it was?
  • when it was?
  • Why did it happen?
  • And explain why it was the best experience.

Sample Answer 1

Here is the sample for the “Describe an exciting experience in your life” topic

I live to experience life from a distinct perspective, be it through traveling or spending hours with an elder, listening to their stories. So, talking about my latest exciting experience, it would undeniably be my last trip.

So, last month, a friend came to visit from Bangalore. Although she intended to spend some time with me, I, on the other hand, had different plans altogether. Since my friend and I share the same interest in traveling, I planned a trip to Delhi with her

Since 2020, I hardly got a chance to get out of my house, just like millions of other people. Considering that covid-19 cases began declining in my area, I made the most of this opportunity and planned a week-long trip.

One of the reasons why this was the best experience of my life so far was because this was my first trip with a friend. So far, I have only traveled with my family. But, this time, I experienced life and came across the world on my own. Right from booking hotels to deciding upon transportation, my friend and I did everything independently.

In the end, I received utmost satisfaction from this trip. And, no doubt, in the future, I will plan a lot of solo trips as well.

Sample Answer 2

It was almost 8 years since I competed in an English Speaking Contest, standing on a big stage in front of a hundred-strong crowd to deliver one of the best speeches I’ve ever given with the support of my friends. That was something you can never forget in your whole life and the most magnificent moment, bar none, of my high school highlights.

Never did it cross my mind that one day I would be on stage talking about the thing I treasured most in my life – my family and friends or just be qualified enough to represent the entire school competing in such competition. If it hadn’t been for my English teacher’s constant encouragement, I wouldn’t have participated in the contest in the first place. Students were free to choose their topics and were asked to present them in front of a panel of judges and an audience. It sounded intimidating for so many reasons, but I had managed to subdue my anxiety and learned to believe in myself. Preparation for D-day was tough for everyone, both emotionally and physically. We kept practicing nonstop for 4 hours straight, every single day; me trying to perfect my pronunciation and acquire that American accent, my friends singing their heart out Miley Cyrus’s song “True Friend” since we wanted to kick our performance up the notch by featuring some musical element. Our hard work had finally paid off with us bringing home the Champion Cup as well as the Best Performance Award. It brought me to tears as I realized at that moment it wouldn’t have mattered if we hadn’t won because we already won when we got over ourselves, stepped out of our comfort zone, and kept going till the end. That was our true victory. Until now, the lesson I’ve learned 8 years ago still has its own value and will always be there to remind me of those good old days.

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