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IELTS Vocabulary: Topic READING

READING is a common topic in IELTS. Here is a list of words that you need to know to get a good score.

1. beyond comprehension
Meaning: impossible to understand, unbelievable
Example: It is beyond comprehension that some politicians deny the reality of global warming 2. critical thinking
Meaning: the process of analyzing information in an objective way, in order to make a judgment about it
Example: Critical thinking skills enable students to evaluate information.
3. broaden one’s literary horizons
Meaning: to widen the limit of your desires, knowledge, or interests by reading widely
Example: Schools should broaden the literary horizons of pupils by encouraging them to read in class and at home.
4. a turn of phrase
Meaning: a particular way of describing something
Example: In order to be a creative writer, a good turn of phrase is not as important as imagination.
5. to read something into something
Meaning: to think that something means more than it really does
Example: It is important not to read too much into election promises, but rather to evaluate the actions of governments.
6. a period of readjustment
Meaning: the act of getting used to a changed or new situation
Example: Those who migrate to cities have to undergo a painful period of readjustment in their search for a better life.
7. to read on
Meaning: to continue reading
Example: In the busy lives which many people lead today, we have become accustomed to glance quickly at news stories and we fail to read on and discover the facts behind the headlines.
8. to break with precedent
Meaning: to do something in a different way
Example: I believe that universities should break with precedent and admit more women to engineering and science courses.
9. to read over something
Meaning: to read something carefully from beginning to end to look for mistakes or check details
Example: Attention to detail is so important in many jobs, so the practice of reading over one’s written work should be taught at school and university.
10. to come to somebody’s knowledge
Meaning: to become known by somebody
Example: If it comes to the knowledge of your manager that you are honest and hard-working, your promotion prospects will be improved.
11. safe in the knowledge that
Meaning: confident because you know that something is true or will happen
Example: I would recommend that people should eat only organic food, safe in the knowledge that it contains no harmful chemicals.
12. to dig deep (into something)
Meaning: to search thoroughly for information
Example: Computer technology has enabled authorities to dig deep into all kinds of personal records relating to ordinary citizens.
13. to do something to the letter
Meaning: to do exactly what somebody or something instructs, paying attention to every detail
Example: It is important to apply the law to the letter, so that every illegal action is punished.
14. to stick in your mind
Meaning: (of a memory, an image, etc.) to be remembered for a long time
Example: When children learn a foreign language in primary school, words and phrases tend to stick in their minds almost without the effort of learning them in a formal way.
15. to sharpen something (up)
Meaning: to become or make something better, more skilful, more effective, etc. than before
Example: The opportunity to do an internship with a company enables students to sharpen up the theoretical knowledge gained at college.
16. to write off somebody/something
Meaning: to decide that somebody or something is a failure and not worth paying attention to
Example: Space projects should not be written off as expensive failures, because space represents the new frontier for exploration.
17. to be engrossed in
Meaning: to be completely focused on something
Example: A good work-life balance is important, because if people are too engrossed in their work their family life may suffer.
18. to understand somebody/something to be/have something
Meaning: to think or believe that something is true because you have been told that it is
Example: The President is understood to be in favour of more spending on the military.
20. secure in the knowledge
Meaning: not worried because you are sure that nothing bad will happen
Example: Students who work hard throughout the year will be confident when they take exams, secure in the knowledge that they are well-prepared.
21. bedtime stories
Meaning: stories told to children before they sleep
Example: Parents should spend time with their children, for example by telling them bedtime stories every night.
22. to be a story of
Meaning: to be a history of particular events
Example: The problem of waste disposal in my country has been a story of confusion and bad management.
23. to run a story
Meaning: to print an article, to show a news report
Example: The media nowadays runs many stories on environmental concerns.
24. a success story
Meaning: a person or thing that is very successful
Example: Although some people have great talent in their field, behind every success story there is always a lot of hard work and effort
25. to tell its own tale/to tell its own story
Meaning: to explain itself, without needing any further comment
Example: Governments have failed to control traffic congestion in cities. The level of air pollution in all major urban centres tells its own story.
26. to read between the lines
Meaning: to look for a meaning that is not openly stated
Example: Reading between the lines, the reports of recent international conferences are not optimistic about achieving agreement on climate change.
27. to read up on
Meaning: to find information in a book or other written source about something.
Example: When deciding which university course to study, it is essential toread up on the subject before making a final choice.
28. to come highly recommended
Meaning: to be praised by a lot of people
Example: Books by classic authors always come highly recommended, but work by new and talented writers should not be overlooked.
29. literary appreciation
Meaning: pleasure that you have when your recognize and enjoy the qualities of a good piece of writing
Example: Children develop literary appreciation if they are encouraged by parents and teachers to love reading.
30. a literary genius
Meaning: a person with exceptional and rare talent for writing
Example: Although a literary genius like Shakespeare is rare, it is important for governments to subsidise creative writing classes for all ages.

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