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IELTS Vocabulary: Topic SOCIETY

SOCIETY is a common topic in IELTS. Here is a list of words that you need to know to get a good score.

1. social services
Meaning: a system that is organized by the government to help people who have financial or family problems; the department or the people who provide this help
Example: Governments should assist poor families through the provision of adequate social services.
2. domestic violence
Meaning: violence among family members in the home
Example: Children who witness domestic violence between parents often develop problems.
3. social conscience
Meaning: the state of being aware of the problems that affect a lot of people in society, such as being poor or having no home, and wanting to do something to help these people
Example: Charities depend on the social conscience of the public in order to obtain donations and recruit volunteer helpers.
4. social networking sites
Meaning: a website that you use to communicate with people who share your interests
Example: An excellent way to learn another language is to make friends on social networking sites with people who speak that language.
5. social and community centres
Meaning: places where people who live in the same area can meet for events or to do different activities
Example: Elderly people who live alone are able to make friends and enjoy life more if local authorities provide social and community centres.
6. a multicultural society
Meaning: a society which includes people of different origins, traditions and languages
Example: Immigration has led to the development of multicultural societies in the US, Europe and Australia.
7. minority groups
Meaning: small groups within a community that are different because of their origin, religion, language or traditions
Example: Children from minority groups are sometimes victims of bullying at school.
8. segregate somebody (from somebody)
Meaning: to separate people of different races, religions or sexes and treat them in a different way
Example: Although society no longer tolerates the policy of segregating
whites from blacks, many people of different origins live in their own separate communities
9. todiscriminate (on the grounds of something)
Meaning: to treat one person or group worse/better than another in an unfair way
Example: It is illegal to discriminate on the grounds of race, sex or religion.
10. constitute/be a form of racial/race discrimination
Meaning: to be considered to be treating others in a different way because they are not of the same colour or race.
Example: Actions which constitute a form of race/racial discrimination are now outlawed in most countries of the world
11. colour bar
Meaning: a social system which does not allow black people the same rights as white people
Example: South Africa’s colour bar made marriages between different races illegal.
12. asylum seeker
Meaning: a person who has been forced to leave their own country because they are in danger and who arrives in another country asking to be allowed to stay there
Example: Hostels for asylum seekers now exist in many European countries.
13. to grant refugee status
Meaning: to be recognised by a government as a person who has been forced to leave their country because of war, political or religious reasons
Example: As well as helping those in need overseas, governments must also help those who have been granted refugee status and now live in the host
14. todeport somebody
Meaning: to force somebody to leave a country, usually because they have broken the law or because they have no legal right to be there
Example: The government refused to grant them refugee status and deported them.
15. to be prejudiced (against/in favour of somebody/something)
Meaning: having an unreasonable dislike of or preference for somebody/something, especially based on their race, religion, sex, age etc.
Example: Some companies are prejudiced against older applicants during the interview process.
16. to integrate into society
Meaning: to become accepted as a member of a social group, especially when a person comes from a different culture
Example: Children from minority groups often find it easy to integrate into society because they attend schools which are multicultural.
17. to be socially acceptable
Meaning: agreed or approved of by most people in a society
Example: Smoking in public places is no longer socially acceptable in many countries.
18. to develop social skills
Meaning: to become better at communicating and interacting in different situations
Example: Playing team sports at school helps children to develop social skills which will help them in adult life.
19. to be poverty-stricken
Meaning: to be extremely poor, having almost no money
Example: Many non-government organisations work with people who are poverty-stricken in developing countries.
20. economic migrants
Meaning: people who move from their own countries to a new country in order to find work or to have a better standard of living
Example: As a result of global inequalities of wealth, many economic migrants have fled to developed countries.
21. the consumer society
Meaning: a society in which buying and selling are considered extremely important
Example: Money and possessions are considered to be more important than family and friends in today’s consumer society.
22. an egalitarian society
Meaning: a society in which everyone has the same rights and opportunities
Example: I believe that crime would be reduced if we lived in a more egalitarian society.
23. social mobility
Meaning: the movement of individuals from one class in society to another
Example: Free access to education has resulted in greater social mobility in modern society
24. the migration of labour
Meaning: the movement of workers from one place to another
Example: The migration of labour from the countryside to the cities is a feature of modern society.
25. sweated labour
Meaning: hard work that is done for low wages in poor conditions; the people who do this work
Example: Conditions of sweated labour still exist in many developing countries.
26. socio-economic changes
Meaning: changes relating to the society and economy of a country
Example: Mass migration to cities is a result of socio-economic changes that include the industrialisation of agriculture.
27. thegrass roots
Meaning: ordinary people in society or in an organization, rather than the leaders or people who make decisions
Example: In order to bring about changes in communities, local people must be involved at the grass rootslevel in making and implementing decisions.
28. industrial action
Meaning: action that workers take, especially stopping work, to protest to their employers about something
Example: The right to take industrial action is one way in which workers are able to protect their living standards.
29. asit-in
Meaning: a protest in which a group of workers, students, etc. refuse to leave their factory, college, etc. until people listen to their demands
Example: the factory workers decided to hold a sit-in.
30. anoutcry (at/over/against something)
Meaning: a reaction of anger or strong protest shown by people in public
Example: The new tax provoked a public outcry.

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