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Multiple charts: The information on transport and car use in Edmonton

The diagrams below give information on transport and car use in Edmonton.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Model Answer 1:

The pie chart shows how people in the city of Edmonton use four types of transport, while the table provides data on five different reasons for driving. Overall, the city dwellers prefer cars to LRT (Light Rail Transit), bus and taxi; and people mostly use cars in order to travel to work.

As the information suggests, 45% of the people in Edmonton city like to drive, while the figure regarding the LRT system stands at exactly one-tenth less. The remaining 20% is equally divided between using bus and taxi. This also means that the number of people driving more than doubles the combined total of bus and taxi users. And those using the LRT more than triple both the number of people choosing a bus and those travelling by taxi.

Among reasons for using cars in the city, work travel accounts for more than a half. Taking children to schools and business activities represent 40% and 45%, respectively. And interestingly, the proportions of those using cars to go shopping and take part in leisure activities were similar, both stand at 15%.

[Writen by – Nguyen Thuong Vu]

Sample Answer 2:

The given data shows the type and reason for the transportation used in Edmonton. According to the given information, the car was the most common transportation type used by the people of Edmond and work and business purpose was the main two reasons they travelled. In general, people of Edmonton travelled mostly for work, business and to reach their children to school and they used mostly cars and rails for that. 

As is presented in the pie chart and table, 45% of travel was made by cars whereas the light rail transit was used 35%. These two were the highest used transportation types used by the people of Edmonton. Bus and Taxi were both used 10% of the total travel which was much lesser than the use of car and rail transportations. According to the table data, most people travelled to commute to work and the percentage of it was 55. The send the highest percentage of people travelled for the business purpose which was 10% less than the work commuting reason. For shopping and leisure activity 15% of people travelled and to take children to their school was another reason people travelled which occupies 40% of their total travel.

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