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Pie chart – Expenses in 7 different categories in 1966 and 1996 by American Citizens

The given pie charts compare the expenses in 7 different categories in 1966 and 1996 by American Citizens.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information below.

» Write at least 150 words.

Model Answer 1:

The pie charts compare how Americans spent on different commodities in 1996 with that of 1966. The expenses are given as percentages and it is obvious that cars consumed the highest percentages of American citizens’ expenditure in 1996 while it was food that required the highest ratio of money in 1966.  

According to the illustration, four-tenths of Americans’ expenses went on food in 1966 and they spend almost one-fourth on cars. The lowest spending Americans made was for computers which was merely 1%. Expenses by them in 1966 on furniture and petrol was roughly one-tenth each and their budget for books and restaurant meals were 6 and 7 percentages respectively.

After three decades, the expenditure pattern by Americans on those goods changed noticeably.  They spent 45% on cars, which constituted their highest ratio of spending on a consumer product and spending on food preparation dropped by 30%. It is interesting to note that the spending on books reduced to barely 1% while this figure went up to 10% for computers. They spend exactly double for outside meals than they did in 1966 and their cost for petrol dropped by 1% despite a hike in spending on automobiles. Finally, Americans share of spending for purchasing furniture reduced by 2% in 1996 than that of 1966.

Sample Answer 2: 

The pie charts compare the expenditure of US residents in two different years in seven categories namely food, cars, petrol, restaurants, furniture, computers and books.

It is clear that the largest proportion of American citizens’ spending went on foods and cars. On the other hand, computers and books have the lowest percentage in the chart in 1966 and 1996 respectively. In 1966, 23% of American citizens’ expenditure went on cars. The percentage rose to nearly double at 45% in 1996.The proportion of spending on food fell from 44% in 1966 to only 14% in 1996.

Expenditure on computers stood at only 1% in 1966 but reached 10% in 1996. The percentage of American citizens spending on restaurants had doubled from 7% in 1966 to 14% in 1996. Spending on books was highest in 1966, at 6%. By contrast, there was no significant change in the proportions of petrol and furniture over a period as a whole.

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