Some people believe that modern technology has enhanced sociable behaviour, but others think it has reduced social interactions


Some people believe that modern technology has enhanced sociable behaviour, but others think it has reduced social interactions.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

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A few people feel that contemporary tech has intensified social behaviour, but some other people think it has plunged social interactions. In this essay, I will discuss both viewpoints and also give my opinion. Firstly, I will explore the increased sociable conduct and moving forward, I will consider a reduction in community talks.

To begin with, In present days have advanced our lifestyles with various technological innovations, where we have changed our focus. For example, many adults are using social media for the purpose of showing off their reel life in front of others which is bringing a difference in our lives. Furthermore, many societies are prioritizing their relationships with others on the basis of media activeness and these judgemental aspects have resulted in the new technology living, where a person is comfortable expressing himself. For Instance, students are having this misconception that if a friend posts birthday wishes on any interactive platform that means he is the true friend and others are nobody.

On the other hand, physical meetings have decreased because of these kinds of new developments in this world and families are getting detached and reuniting on social media through various groups but this is leading to less bonding and emotional flow to each other. To Illustrate, video calling has become the most active part of people and they are using it as a meeting virtually rather than in person. Moreover, many societies have changed their talking style and adopted texting or interacting through virtual gadgets which might be time-saving and easy but it never brings emotions while speaking through these techies. Exemplar, adults have become so lazy that they just don’t want to go outside for dwelling and hang out with friends rather they are just multitasking.

In conclusion, the government should make some policies to change our lifestyles and make them reality than unreal and the globe has to understand that there is one real-world, besides this unrealistic or materialistic environment.

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