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Talk about a form of exercise you used to do but no longer do now

Speaking Part 2

Talk about a form of exercise you used to do but no longer do now

You should say:

  • What was it and where you used to do it
  • Who you used to do it with
  • Why you stopped

And say if you would like to restart it or not, why

Sample Answer:

Exercises are mostly done to remain physically fit. So, there are a wide number of exercises are found across the globe to help this purpose. Some of them require instruments while the others are free-hand exercises without any tools or instruments

Jogging is a good form of exercise which could be undertaken by almost all ages of people. I used to jog every morning at the park located beside my residence in Bago in the Philippines. My spouse accompanied me in the beginning at the entire jogging process and I had also formed a jogging team. My wife was more inspired on jogging and ran by my side, and we two had formed a great small team indeed comparing the other team members. When we used to jog in the morning, we had to get up early so that we could finish the jogging before it is too crowded. Many of the citizens of Bago come to exercise at the park in morning hours and thus it becomes much crowded with the health conscious people. So, it was difficult for us to run among the crowd and thereby, we used to go about half an hour before the arrival of all the other people

Initially, my wife accompanied me with the jogging and then a team of six members were formed. It was filled with enjoyment for all of us. The most important thing was that all of us lived in the same building and it was easy for us to communicate with each other over the jogging in the morning. Sometimes I used to make phone calls to the other members or pressed the bells on their doors to get them prepared for the jog. It was a fun for us to go for the jog and come back with a sweating body. Sometimes we used to take breakfast in some small restaurants and the bill payment was done in rotation

I had to stop the jogging as I got promoted in office and the amount of responsibilities on me was huge. I started making late to return home in almost all of the nights and also made late to go to bed. So, I could not wake up early like the previous days. It was routine for me that I am making late in the morning to get up and returning home at the late night. So, the other teammates continued their jogging but I could not attend them. Unfortunately, I could not manage time even in the weekends to attend the jogging team. It was only my official engagement that kept me out of the exercise for a longer time. Moreover, I also could not give up the job until I am not getting a better one. So, I had to continue the job like a machine

But now I am planning to start the jogging again. My office has found a helping hand for me at the office and if the recruitment happens, I will be able to shoulder some responsibilities on the newly recruited individual. It will help to come back home early. I also have noticed that I have gained more weight than I had when I jogged. It happened for the physical inactivity. Besides, I could not also follow my regular routine and the entire lifestyle was changed to a great extent. If this weight gain continues, I will be so bulky that I have to order for new attires. The old ones will not fit on me. Further, my wife is also worried about her own health. She went for jogging with me but as I stopped she also had to stop her own exercise. She does not prefer going alone. Thereby, I will start jogging shortly.

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