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Talk about a person you know who fluently speaks a foreign language

Speaking Part 2

Talk about a person you know who fluently speaks a foreign language

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • when and where you met this person
  • what you like /dislike about it
  • And explain how that person learned this language

Sample Answer:

My Aunt Margarita, who works as a journalist, can speak German very fluently. Margarita is my maternal aunt and she is 29. She is married to a businessman and is the mother of a two years old son

I know her my whole life. She is only 3 years senior to me and we are very close. She even stayed at our house during her university days. She often helped me with my studies and I liked her due to her ambient nature and remarkable spirit. Since we were at the same university, we often met at the university campus and had our lunch together at a canteen

After Margarita finished her graduation, she went to Munich to complete her post graduation in journalism. She stayed there for more than 4 years and worked for a daily newspaper as a part-time reporter. I guess this is the time when she learned the German language. As far as I know, she even tried to learn German when she decided to go to Garmany. She is a quick learner and she must have learned the language during her stay in Germany. She still works as an online journalist for an online magazine that offers their news in 5 languages including German

I believe that learning a second language is always beneficial. It expands our understanding of the country where this is spoken, about their people, their culture, ways of life and many other aspects. Scientific research also proves that people who can speak multiple languages have a better understanding of foreign cultures and have less prejudice about their own culture. This in a way broadens our mind and ways of thinking. I like it very much that my aunt can speak the German very fluently. She is an aspiring journalist and I am sure her talent, dedication and skill in foreign languages will help her ride on the top of her career ladder. Personally, I believe that skills in a foreign language enhance our career prospect and make us wiser and inquisitive about learning.

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