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Talk about a recent change in your life

Speaking Part 2

Talk about a recent change in your life

You should say:

  • what was it
  • what was the reason for this change
  • was it a positive or negative change for you

and explain what happened after this change

Sample Answer:

I have completed my graduation only a few months ago and within the three months of my departure from the university, I started working in a private company. My new job and my lifestyle changes due to that job is very recent and in my opinion pretty significant as well

Since I joined this company as a Business Executive, I had to make a shift from my student life to corporate life. That was the main reason for the changes I went through. Definitely, that was an important and positive change for my life. I had to join a company or organisation to start my career and I was very glad that I was appointed by a big and prestigious company of the country

I am no longer a student and I do not have to attend classes and prepare for exams. I am now responsible for the job position I have. Many things have changed including my sleeping pattern and dress-up. I now sleep early and wake up early which were pretty opposite during my student life. I have to maintain office time and follow up my job responsibilities that I was trusted with during my appointment. In fact, I am happy with the changes in my life. I have a great vision and big ambition about my career and now I feel that I am on the right track and I will have to work hard to achieve my future goal. All of those realisations came in my mind after I started working for this company. Besides, now I enjoy economic freedom and that’s a major change as well

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