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Talk about a true story that is very popular among people in your country

IELTS Speaking Part 2- Talk about a true story that is very popular among people in your country

You should say:

  • What is this story about
  • Why is it popular
  • When you first heard the story
  • and explain how do you feel about this story

Sample Answer:

There are many true stories that people in my country know and talk about often. One such story is the success story of Mr. Arther who is a living legend and is one of the top ten richest businessmen in the country. This story is about his determination, struggle, fight against adversity and finally the unmatched success he achieved

The story starts with a 15 years old teenager who came to the capital city virtually with no capital and no one to turn to and started working as a very ignorable hawker. But the dream he had, the determination he had and the patience he showed was limitless. He had to face severe adversities and yet he never lost his faith and determination. With hard work and determination, he continued his journey. He proved the fact that the fortune favours the brave. He had never in his early life stopped from fulfilling his dream and continued his journey. Over time he has been rewarded with some success and he became a moderate business owner. He did not stop there. He continued to work even harder and envisioned a better dream. Thus he started piling up the success and from a moderate businessman, he became one of the enviable businessmen in the country. Now his one of the top ten richest and successful persons in the country and all his fortunes were hard earned

This story is a popular story in our country and people often refer to this story to give an example of a successful man who has fought hard to achieve it. We often mention this story to inspire people and to advise them how to be determined and hardworking to achieve their dreams

I first heard this story in my childhood from one of my school teachers and in my college level, I read an article in a magazine regarding the hard work, struggle and success Mr. Arther got

I think this is a very inspiring story that advises us to have our dreams and to work hard to achieve those dreams. If your determination is hard, plannings are proper and if you work accordingly to achieve it, no matter how many obstacles come, you would overcome it and this is the lesson this true story teaches me.

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