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Talk about an interesting place that you know which is open to the public/An interesting place in your hometown

Talk about an interesting place that you know which is open to the public /An interesting place in your hometown

You should say:

  • what kind of place it is
  • what kind of people usually go there
  • why people usually go there

and explain why you think it is an interesting place for people

Sample Answer:

The rail station of my hometown is an interesting place that I know about. There are several other interesting places I know about, but this rail station is the place I’ve known for a long and in my childhood, this seemed to me a mysterious and alien place to me. The station is a large one and if anyone observes closely, he will find lots of interesting and thought-provoking things there. The busy, crowdy and noisy station is completely different from the rest of the town. It is a usually calm town and has a harmony on everything. On the other hand, the busy station is a gathering of lots of known and mostly unknown people and this place gives a different impression than the rest of the city. The place is covered with a very large and high rooftop and several overpasses and roads, rail lines, hawkers, beggars, workers and a large lorry have made the place a cryptic place. All of a sudden one day one will find that the large train bogies are gone and the place has been deserted

To me, it is an interesting place because I have always found new people and new things there. New hawkers and labours come there and stay for a while, people come to receive their guests or relatives, policemen are there to find frauds and people who might visit without tickets. It is very usual that sometimes people lose their important belongings and then search like mad men. The people who come to say goodbye their friends, relatives bear a sad mark in their faces. The happiness and sadness can be observed from their eyes, faces, and way of talking and from the way they walk to home. This place is always full of noise and the Sharpe whistle and siren of the train is louder than any other sounds there. You will find it empty only if there is a strike of the train

Interestingly this small place is a hub of so many different people of different classes. Some come here to earn their livings, some to leave the town and some accompany their relatives. The station employees, hawkers, labours, beggars find it as their workplace

The sign post with green and red light, endless rail-line, different people, gathering, liveliness and sadness and many other things and reasons make this place a really interesting place.

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