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Talk about one of your long-time friends

IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Talk about one of your long-time friends

You should say:

  • when you first met your friend
  • what is s/he like
  • how the two of you keep in touch with each other
  • and explain why this friendship is important to you

Sample Answer:

I have many friends and among them, there are some friends whom I know for a long time. One such friend is (…say the name of your friend…) and he has many distinctive characteristics. I know him from my childhood and still I value his friendship.

He comes from a middle-class family and he has a natural talent of learning everything very quickly. I met him for the first time in my school when he sat near me. He had some distinctive characteristics and that’s why I started observing closely and later we became friends. Though he was very talented, but he did not have the tendency to hold on to something for a long. He was the most talented boy in our class but because of some whimsical decisions and because of his priority to his own wishes, he does not have a bright and prosperous career. He was a very good chess player, an excellent all-rounder in cricket, a good defender in football, a tactical badminton player and the quickest math solver in our class. Everybody thought he would become either a math professor or an engineer and sometimes people thought that he would become a good athlete, but he finally did his graduation in History as he thought that this would allow him to learn a lot. After he finished his graduation he learned some programming and designing and started his career in Information Technology. He worked for 3 years in this sector and then all of a sudden decided to leave this day job and work as a freelancer. As far as I know he’s been a good programmer and designer and in his freelancing career, he is doing well.

He often travels to different places and leads a life bit away from the society. He has not married yet and I guess he has no intention to do so. He is talented and sometimes whimsical.

He is a close friend of mine and though we do not spend much time together, we have a good bonding and we value our friendship. I know how much talented and creative he is. I like his morality, talent, truthfulness, boldness, bravery and his unquenchable thrust for knowledge and freedom.

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