Talk about the food that you like to eat outside your home


Talk about the food that you like to eat outside your home

You should say:

  • What is it
  • Why you like it
  • How often do you do it

and explain on what occasions do you eat out

Sample Answer:

I like to eat the pizza outside the home. Pizza is not made in our house except very rare occasion once or twice in a year and that’s why I have always eaten it outside my home. Dominous Pizza, Pizza Inn, Helvetia, Tongue & Tommy, CFC are some of my favourite places where I eat pizza

I like it because it is tasty and delicious. This food item requires only a few minutes to be served and I can eat it when I am in hurry. Another reason is the variation this food item has. Several types of pizza can be found and because of that, a pizza lover can taste the different types of pizza and variation of those pizzas. It is cheaper compared to other dishes I eat outside. A moderate size pizza can be shared among 3-4 persons. Finally, it is not a very rich food and can be eaten any time of a day

I usually eat pizza once in a week and the frequency of eating pizza sometimes depends on the frequency of my meeting my friends in a restaurant who serves pizza. Eating pizza is not occasion dependent like some other dishes like Mexican foods, Italian food etc. I mostly eat pizza when I need a quick meal and when I meet my friends in a restaurant. Since pizza is liked by most of my friends, when we sit together in a place where pizza is served and we need to eat something, we mostly order pizza.


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