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Task 1 (Bar chart) – Amount spent on six consumer goods in four European countries

The chart below shows the amount spent on six consumer goods in four European countries.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

» You should write at least 150 words.

Spending in Thousand Pound Sterling

Sample Answer 1:

The bar chart compares the expenditure on different consumer goods by the people of four European countries; namely Britain, France, Italy and Germany. At the first glance, British spent more money on consumer goods while Germans spent the least.

It is worth noticing that, British spent more than 170 thousand pound sterling for photographic films which is the highest amount spent on any consumer goods. British also spent more than 160 thousand for purchasing Toys and CDs, which is higher than that of by any other nation. For perfumes, tennis racquets and personal stereos, they spent more than other nations as well. On the other hand, French people spent around 165 thousand for purchasing photographic films, which makes it the highest amount they spent on consumer goods.    

French citizens spent about 158 thousand on toys which is a tie with Italians. For photographic films, toys and CDs, their spending totalled second highest among the given four nations. Finally, they spent less than 150 thousand on remaining consumer goods.

Italian citizens spent around 150 thousand on personal stereos, tennis racquets and CDs while they spent about 5 thousand more on photographic films and toys. Finally, Germans spent the fewer amount in all consumer items than any other nation and their average spending was 145 thousand.

( This model answer can be followed as an example of a very good answer. However, please note that this is just one example out of many possible approaches.)

Model Answer 2:

The chart gives information regarding the money spent on consumer goods namely photographic film, toys, CDs, perfumes, tennis racquets and personal stereos by 4 countries in Europe (Britain, France, Italy and Germany). The units are in Pound Sterling.

Overall, British, among the four countries, spent most of their money in all the 6 consumer goods in contrast with Germany spending the least amount for those products. British also spent the highest amount to purchase photographic films while France spent the least amount on tennis racquets. In terms of photographic film, Britain spent well above 170 thousand pounds. This is the highest money spent on any consumer goods. France came in the second position in terms of their spending which was more or less 165 thousand. Italians and Germans compared to the two latter countries, spent around 150,000 and 145,000 respectively. Toys and CDs are the second and third most purchased by the 4 countries.

Furthermore, Britain and France purchased tennis racquets the least with only around 155000 and 145000 respectively. Italy spent the least of their money in buying personal stereos with exactly 150000 same as well in Germany spending around 3000 pounds fewer than that of Italy.

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