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Tell a childhood story you heard when you were a child

Tell a childhood story you heard when you were a child

You should say:

  • Who told you the story
  • what was the story
  • Why you liked it

and explain why you remember this story

Sample Answer:

Childhood stories were fascinating and in my childhood I had been very fond of those short of stories. My grandmother used to tell me stories before going to sleep. One such childhood story that I can remember is about a prince who fought and defeated a mighty giant to rescue his princess

He was a good prince who helped his countrymen and was a very good fighter. He was happily married to the prince he falls in love with. They were benevolent kings and queens for the country and people of the country loved them very much. One day a giant ghost came from other territory and tried to abduct a small kid. The prince was out of the country at that moment for business purpose and the queen tried to force the giant to leave. That irritated the giant and it finally abducted the queen. The prince returned to the country a few days back and learned the stories. He became very gloomy and decided to search for his queen. Everybody tried to convince him but he finally remained steady in his decision. He started a long and struggle-some journey to find the giant and rescue the queen. The journey was much surprising and full of different puzzles and obstacles. He finally reached to the abyss and found the queen. He had to fight with the giant and finally kill it to get his princess back

As a child, this was one of my very favourite stories. My grandma told me the story multiple times and I used to insist her to tell me this very story. As a child, the story opened new horizon to me. I believed that every word of this story was true and that’s why it made a special place in my mind. Most probably I have thought a lot about the things happened in this story and as a result, I have still remembered the story.

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