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Writing Task 2: A new language should be introduced for all countries

Write about the following topic. 

“Some experts opine that a new language should be introduced for all countries for international communication.”

Do you think the benefits of introducing a new international language will outweigh the problems?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer: (Disagreement)
Technology, globalization, tourism and open trade policy have brought nations together and some people dream to have a world with no cultural and communication barriers. The expert opinion of having a new single international language for all nations thus has developed. Despite its appeal, I believe that it would be a futile step as the world already has an international language- English.

The increasing conglomeration of nations, the upsurge of globalisation and the widespread use of modern technology have tremendously increased people’s need to communicate with each other and thus some linguistics express their view on introducing a new global language. However, the real picture is quite different from the expectation as linguistics have already failed to establish an artificially formed universal language despite their efforts and arguments several times.

Moreover, English, the most widely used language for international communication, is already in place and has many rich features. Besides, some people use other international languages like Spanish and French, and except some culturally biased people, all have accepted English as their mean to communicate with people from other countries. This model is already working pretty well and the idea of patching an already functional system would add more distresses.

Over the last millennia, English as an international language has already infiltrated the territories due to geopolitical reasons and cultural encouragements. A language is not merely a collection of letters and words; rather it is a result of the evolution of society, constant research and experience of mass people. Thus no matter how easy the newly introduced language is made, it will lack the fundamental quality of a rich language. People in favour of presenting a new global language often opine that the new language would be culturally neutral and morally correct to be the common linguistic ground for still divided humanity. As fair as it may sound, such an opinion lacks rationality. English is already doing fine and inventing a new language and having it functional would bring unnecessary distress and effort, and it will more likely fail as it did in the past.

To conclude, the world needs a unified language for many reasons but introducing a new one is the least ideal solution of all. The natural flow of English as a global language has already filled the gap and we no longer need to add unnecessary misery to people to experiment with a seemingly ineffective idea.

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