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WRITING TASK 2: Advantages and disadvantages of repeat driving tests

Write about the following topic:

Road accidents are more frequent these days and claim many lives each year. As a result, some people suggest that drivers should take regular driving tests throughout their lives, rather than one single driving test, to improve the situation.

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of repeat driving tests?

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words. 

Sample Answer 1: (Advantages outweigh the Disadvantages)

The growing number of cars on the roads and reckless driving are the major causes of increasing road accidents these days. Therefore, many people, as well as some politicians, express their view that repetitive driving tests, and not just one test to get and renew the licence, should be in place. This essay outlines some advantages as well as disadvantages of the continuous testing process and opines that this has more benefits.

To start with the demerits of repeat driving tests, this process may unnecessarily impose a burden on people. This is because they will have to prepare for the test, pay for it, and allocate time for the test in order to renew the licence. As a result, many people may tend to avoid the tests, and one day, get pulled over and fined for an outdated licence. Moreover, it will cost money to the authority as well. Therefore, it may not solve the issue easily while both the drivers and the authority will be under pressure.

To outline the advantages, road safety in a country is a major concern and so is the obligation of legislators regarding this. Increasing vehicular movements and drivers’ recklessness are two primary reasons for accidents on the roads. Drivers get outdated and more inept to new road rules and safety practices. For example, with age, many drivers may not see the traffic signals and road signs easily. As a result, such drivers may potentially hit other moving vehicles and people. Therefore, the repeat tests for driving, from time to time, will definitely improve the safety on roads. Moreover, many young drivers do not abide by the traffic rules, and continuous tests would ensure their awareness of safe driving. Finally, when people will have to take driving tests periodically, they will remain updated about traffic and safety rules.

In conclusion, reoccurring driving tests improve people’s driving accuracy, make them aware of safety and laws, and find out potentially risky drivers. So the benefits of such tests surpass the drawbacks.

[Written by – Kris Nirvana] 

Sample Answer 2: (Disdvantages outweigh the Advantages)

Taking appropriate measures to stop road accidents is important due to their direct impact on the social environment, and forcing the drivers to take regular driving tests could possibly be one such measure. But, this measure has more disadvantages than advantages. This essay will outline the advantages and demerits of repeat driving tests, and try to explain the reasons why this had more drawbacks. 

No doubt repeat driving tests would eventually flush some, but not all, bad, crazy, and dangerous drivers out of the system. It would also probably put some “restrictions” on those drivers who can not drive properly anymore because of their old age or some debilitating illnesses. It is also possible that regular driving tests would alert or motivate some drivers to become more careful with their driving because of the fear that their driving licenses could be cancelled at any time. 

But, none of these advantages can be ensured or achieved without a high cost, as well as extra effort and time. After all, the state would need to employ additional resources, and thereby an additional budget as well, to take care of the additional driving examinations. In all probabilities, governments would then probably pass these additional costs or expenses on to the vehicle owners or drivers as extra taxes to cut government expenditures. These additional taxes would certainly weigh down heavily on these drivers and vehicle owners.

Now, even if these vehicle owners are ready to carry the burden of extra tax money and time, they would not necessarily be ready to remain under constant fear of being stripped of their driving privileges because of some “one-off” mistakes during the time of regular driving testing. Essentially, the same sentiment was echoed by a former director of AAA (American Automobile Association) of traffic safety advocacy and research who said that regular driving tests had been shown to reduce mobility by way of drivers voluntarily giving up their licenses due to fear of getting them taken away rather than any legitimate concerns about their driving.

To conclude, the disadvantages of regular driving tests would outweigh their advantages. This is why the authority should think wisely before taking such measures when it comes to repeat driving tests and road safety.

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Model Answer 3: (Advantages outweigh the Disadvantages)

The number of automobiles on roads is increasing rapidly these days which is aligned with the number of road accidents. Consequently, some opine that all driving licence holders must take a driving test periodically rather than taking it only once in their life. The following essay will discuss both the positive and negative sides of the repeat driving test. Personally, I believe that this process has more benefits than drawbacks.

It is undeniable that taking a repeat driving test would have some distinct disadvantages for people. One of the major drawbacks is the time and preparation it would require. In addition, people would have to pay every time to take the test. Finally, they also believe that it would cost more for the government as they must provide additional manpower, logistics and facilities in the driving test centres.

Despite all the negative aspects, performing a repeat driving test would have some significant benefits for everybody. Firstly, by having a repeat driving test, each driver would be updated with driving regulations. Secondly, drivers would be more cautious when they drive as their license will be checked regularly. Thirdly, it will reduce the number of traffic accidents because the driver’s physical condition would also be examined as a part of the test. For example, each driver’s eyesight would be examined as some drivers might have poor eyesight which may cause accidents. Thus repeat driving tests will drastically reduce road accidents.

In conclusion, conducting a driving test periodically has some drawbacks, but I do believe that it has more benefits for everybody. It is expected that regular driving tests will reduce the number of road accidents to a great extent.

[Written by – Darwin Sugiharto]

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