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Writing Task 2: Many young people drop out of schools

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Due to so many young people dropping out of schools, the rate of unemploymentis increasing, and it affects our society in different ways.

In your opinion, how can this situation be improved?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:

Many young students drop out of schools, sometimes to earn to support their families and sometimes due to other reasons, and this has a severe consequence to their future and society. Sometimes those students are to be blamed, but oftentimes, the system is responsible for it. The state should revise the way it runs schools and arranges re-schooling facilities while the school authority should provide some paid jobs to needy students to mend this situation.

To begin with, many young pupils leaves schools without completing their education mainly to earn a wage to support their families, and this is more common in developing countries. According to a recent report, more than 30% of students leave schools in South Asian countries due to financial hindrance. The government in such a country should focus on developing the conditions of parents who have school-going offspring. Education should be free, and some subsidies should be provided to poor students. Besides, the government’s initiatives to create more jobs would also improve this situation. However, the greatest step the government can take is arranging re-schooling facilities for those disarrayed pupils with some incentives and job provisions.

Moreover, the school authority should make education more fun in school to retain young students. For instance, some Japanese schools use interactive and fun methods to teach young minds, and this has increased students’ school attendance dramatically. Such initiatives should be welcomed and more widely used. Besides, the school authority can arrange some clerical jobs for needy students to help them continue their studies.

To conclude, education is the most important pillar for the development of a nation and the state and school authority should help students stay in schools and finish their academic years. Without having an educated nation, crime and unemployment would skyrocket to push society to complete chaos.

Sample Answer 2:

Education can change the fate of a nation, and educated citizens are the most important resources that a country can have. When a country has a large number of school dropouts, it struggles to develop, and it affects society negatively. The state must take necessary initiatives to improve the situation by encouraging young students to finish their education and establish enough night schools for working-class young people who want to continue their education.

To begin with, young students often find it hard to continue their education either for their financial conditions or for their lack of interests in schools, and oftentimes, for both. To help them continue their education, the government must adopt a policy to support their families financially. Incentives should be given both to needy families and to meritorious poor students. School authority, along with the support from the government, can implement it to improve the situation. For instance, free-education and scholarship policies adopted by the authority in many Asian and African countries have reduced their illiteracy rate significantly over the years, and it has improved their employment and social conditions.

Furthermore, education has to be interactive and fun for young students so that they enjoy going to school. A friendly school environment, sports and entertainment facilities, delicious and healthy meals, and support from teachers can be crucial factors to attach students to their school activities. Surveys reveal that when learners show interests to continue their schools, parents try their best to support the costs. Finally, the government should build many night schools so that young students who have not finished their education get a chance to continue their education. Those schools are vital to give school-leavers a second chance to improve their qualification while also keep them away from activities that are subversive for society.

In conclusion, when young students leave schools prematurely, it not only affects their future but also the whole society. To reverse this unfortunate situation, the government and schools authorities are expected to work together. Only then we can expect the true progress of our nation.

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