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Writing Task 2: Paying taxes is a big enough contribution to society

Write about the following topic:

Some people think paying taxes is a big enough contribution to their society, while others think people have more responsibilities as members of society than only paying taxes.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1: [View: All citizens have to abide by their social responsibilities while capable members must pay taxes. In some cases, taxpayers have even bigger responsibilities.]

A group of people believe that paying taxes is the biggest contribution by citizens and those taxpayers are already making enough contribution to be exempted from other duties to society. However, others opine that paying taxes does not automatically spare citizens from other obligations and moral duties. This essay discusses both views, however, I believe that all citizens have to abide by their social responsibilities while capable members must pay taxes.

On the one hand, tax money helps the authority run the public service, pay salaries to government employees, take new development initiatives, fund research works, and offer subsidiaries to important sectors. So this money essentially helps run the country. Without the taxpayers’ money, for example, the price of commodities will go up, no new roads would be built, education and medical treatment would be expensive. So it is understandable that a taxpayer is contributing to smoothly run the country and should be offered some benefits than non-taxpayers, and if required, they should be excused from other social responsibilities.
On the other hand, it is undeniable that taxpayers are also benefiting from the money they are paying and should not be released from their other duties. Just paying tax should not allow someone to be above the law. These taxpayers should follow rules and also act virtuously to keep society on track. Besides, they have moral duties to people around them due to their financial well-off status. For instance, the highest taxpayers in society are usually the most powerful and financially successful persons, and due to their social influences, they have even more responsibilities to help needy people and take initiatives to save the environment and make the area a better place to live in.

In conclusion, paying tax is important, but it does not automatically excuse them from obeying social rules, helping needy people and performing moral duties. It is expected that taxpayers would take more responsibilities in society to make it even better.

Sample Answer 2: [View – Paying tax is a great contribution but NOT the only one that citizens should follow.]

Some people think that making proper contributions to society can be achieved just by paying taxes, while others argue that other than paying taxes, people should fulfil more duties. This essay will elaborate on both of the views in detail.

To begin with, paying taxes is certainly a big contribution to society as it gives financial resources to the authority for the development of a country. Since the public budget from the taxes is used in all crucial aspects of a nation, paying taxes undoubtedly is vital for each capable member of society. Tax money is used to develop infrastructures, like roads, hospitals, schools, and public facilities. It is also used to pay the salaries of civil servants who work for the government and society. Moreover, it can be used to give subsidies on education, medical treatment, fuel price and so on, which help ordinary and needy citizens to a great extent.

Yet, to fulfil someone’s responsibilities to society, people are required to abide by the rules and laws and make other contributions to make some positive changes in society. Indonesia, for example, as one of the biggest countries consisting of 34 provinces and more than 200 million people, needs such contributions from all of its members. Such countries direly need the involvement of citizens in supporting government-initiated programmes, especially by mutual cooperation as a form of contribution. By doing so, people can directly and immediately work together to protect their environment by initiatives like planting trees and cleaning up their surroundings, as well as protecting the public facilities. Being a law-abiding citizen means much than paying taxes.

To infer, I am convinced that while paying taxes is a useful way to contribute to society, other social responsibilities have great importance as well.

[Written by– Veronica]

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